Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

There's a better chance of a flood day on Friday than there is of a snow day. Boo.

Friday will actually be quite miserable. If you thought the last few days of cold rain and drizzle was unpleasant, then you're in for a real treat on Friday. Anywhere from 1" to 3" of driving, torrential, pneumonia-inducing rain is in the offing. Oh, and then there's the wind--perhaps up to 50 mph in the Berkshires. We may see some snow showers in the afternoon but don't get too excited about it.

We strongly suggest going home right after school on Friday and hunkering down for a holiday film marathon. Here's what we suggest:

1. Frosty, the Snowman -- At only 22 minutes, it's kind of like an appetizer before the entrees later on. It also never gets old saying "Busy, busy, busy" in that evil Professor Hinkle voice.

2. Elf -- Modern, light-hearted, and you can't go wrong with Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell. Also, next to Psycho, one of the great shower scenes of all time. Or certainly the most innocent.

3. For the grand finale we'd put A Christmas Story here, but you wouldn't want to spoil the fun of the annual 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon on TBS on Christmas Eve. Wrapping gifts, sipping eggnog, and an opportunity to bone up on your Italian--it's a tradition so you need to hold off until the 24th.

What, then, should you watch? It's time for a classic--It's a Wonderful Life. This film requires a commitment, but it's worth it in the end. Jimmy Stewart is outstanding, and the heartwarming message about the value of community is just what you'll need to cap off a soggy, blustery day.

I'm sure you have your favorites, too. Let us know what your top three choices would be.

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