Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Storms Aplenty: The Weekend Ahead

Several weak disturbances will pass through our area in the next five days. As our luck would have it, the strongest of the three will hit us on Saturday when we could see moderate snow throughout the day. We just can't win for losing.

Look for an Alberta Clipper to pass through Thursday night bringing us at best 2" and not affecting school one jot. On Saturday, the Southern Berkshires have the better chance of moderate snow, but we're probably not looking at anything more than 4", with a strong cut-off line (possibly across Pittsfield) that would leave the NorBerks with but a dusting. There's a mess on the way for Sunday night into Monday but the best case scenario for storm #3 is ice early. Temps will be seasonably mild (mid and upper 30s), which will cause a turnover to all rain before the magic hour between 5 and 6 a.m.

We'd like to tell you that these three weather-makers are the prelude to a big, powdery poem ("Ode to a Snow Fort"? "And the Fat Snowman Danced"? "My Old Toboggan: A Sestina"?), but the rest of the week of January 23 is looking quiet. Curses!

We'll keep an eye on things, but there's really nothing for you to get too excited about any time soon.

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