Monday, January 9, 2012

Long-Term Forecast Improves!

Greetings, Snowbirds. The GSD Staff would officially like to offer an apology for our glum posts recently. Several of our staff suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which just makes us S.A.D.

But that's all in the past , baby, because multiple signs are pointing to a much improved winter in the coming weeks! For one, we may see some snow on Thursday. Sure, it's going to rain, too--that's, unfortunately, unavoidable--but we will see a period of white stuff that will give us around an inch or two. There is one outlier predicting the possibility of heavy snow for the Northern Berkshires, but we're not particularly confident in that computer model. At least heavy snow is in the conversation.

On Thursday, look for the snow to start in the early morning hours of Thursday. There should be enough cold air in place for the precip to start out as a snow/sleet/mix. Those in the higher terrains could see the snow hold on for longer. Because of the exquisite timing of this storm, a delay is certainly not out of the question. If that heavy snow comes through, the timing would likely necessitate a snow day call. We urge you to temper your excitement until we can give you more convincing information.

Regardless of what happens on Thursday, the pattern shift that we've been jonesing for for over a month now is finally about to happen. We should see a series of clipper storms starting at the beginning of next week. Let us remind you that Alberta clippers are those faster moving storms that take a more linear, easterly track and typically produce between 3-6 inches in less than 12 hours. Occasionally these clippers can get blocked on the coast and dump up to a foot of light, fluffy snow but that's more the exception than the rule. There are no snowmageddons in sight, but the shift in the pattern will set the stage for a more normal winter the rest of the way.

This is good. Trust us.
The collective GSD gut tells us that we're just in one of those kooky winters that came in great and will end great but the middle is boring as your Uncle Johnny's sock collection.

Eyes and ears open for developments for Thursday, snow fans. The timing is certainly working in your favor.

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  1. You guys at GSD sleeping?
    Looks like a snow day for Thursday!