Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1.12.12: Winter Weather Advisory is Up

The WWA is officially up and is slated to end at noon tomorrow. This is a good sign, as the precip should still be coming down in some form through the morning commute.

Gotta love the 1 to 6" snow prediction from the good folks at NOAA--this means they have no idea about the time of the changeover from snow to sleet to freezing rain.

This is going to be a touch-and-go storm, and we're sure that some places where the cold air gets trapped in will end up with 3-4". Others will see just that 1" or 1.5" inch of wet snow.

We're bumping up our chance of a delay, but the Confidence Meter will be getting a workout throughout the day. The Staff still isn't loving how this storm is splitting apart down in the Southeast, which is why we're tempering our excitement about this one this time around.

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