Thursday, January 12, 2012

Storm 1.12.12: Still Snowing

Just like we said, this storm proved to be an unpredictable one. Still snowing in Williamstown as of 5:15 am. First plow we heard was at 4:30. A delay is certainly a possibility...

Many NY schools are going with the two-hour delay including Hoosick Falls and New Lebanon. Mohawk is the only MA school so far with a delay at of 5:30.

5:32 -- MAU has a delay; things are trending upward...

6:15 -- Despite our best efforts to triangulate (New Lebanon-MAU-Mohawk), the powers in charge wouldn't take the bait. We see that Central Berkshire called in their delay around 6.

See you at school!


  1. way to put the "see you at school" after we were already at school. ha nice predicting

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Annoyed! Let's remember: we're just your friendly neighborhood weather brokers, synthesizing the weather forecasts for you so you will know whether or not to set the alarm in the morning. Don't shoot the messenger! You shouldn't be "annoyed" as we told you specifically the night before to plan for a full day of school. Also, when we write "see you at school," we mean it in the figurative sense as we never leave the GSD Office during winter. [BTW--This post was edited at 6:15 am when Central Berk announced its delay. So there.]