Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Storm 1.12.12: Late Evening Update

If you waited this long to do your homework for tomorrow, you may need to call in sick as it looks like it just won't get cold enough in the overnight hours to necessitate a delay. The temperature reading as of 10:30 pm at GSD in Williamstown was 33.7 degrees. With east and southeast winds moving in and with all of the cloud cover, it's likely that the precip will start out as mixed and change to rain much sooner. Higher elevations could still see snow and ice--an elevation change of 100 to 200' feet could make a big difference because we're so close to the freezing line in NorBerk.

We're going to lower our delay percentage back down to 20%. We know you're all disappointed, but the "warmer than expected" trend for the forecasts seems to be the running theme of the '11-'12 winter.

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