Monday, January 16, 2012

Storm 1.17.12: Delay Not Likely

Perhaps if we collectively taunt this storm, it will take offense and pound down sleet on the Berkshires from, say, 3 am to 6 am.

"C'mon, Storm 1.17.12--you twiggy-legged, pencil-armed, mouse-muscled, malnourished, chromosome-deficient, baby-faced little blizzard wannabe. Take that! And that! Grow some hair on your chest and make a name for yourself! Do it! Bring it on! We double dog dare you!"

Let's hope it works because we are almost assuredly looking at a full day of school--again. We may see a little precip in the next few hours but it's probably virga [Actually not virga as snow was officially observed at 9:31 pm -- eds.]. Then, once the first wave comes through there will be a window of two hours or so when nothing will fall. The second wave of precipitation has some spunk in it (starting around 2 am) but nothing that the hearty road crewpeople of the Berkshires can't sweep off the roads in minutes.

Wednesday we're looking at more of a nuisance snow, although that moniker hardly applies for all the ski folk out there. Perhaps 3" on Wednesday as the wrap-around snows invade the area.

1.17 is a virtual repeat of last Thursday/Friday with less oomph this time around. Have a good night!

Look for the early report tomorrow before school, and only if the conditions merit it, a running diary for "The Decision Hour"--5 am to 6 am Eastern Standard Time, exclusively at GSD!

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