Monday, January 16, 2012

Storm 1.17.12: Winter Weather Advisory is Up

If you have a decent short term memory, then what we will see tonight, tomorrow, and on Wednesday will look awfully familiar.

Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 10 pm to 10 am tomorrow. The precipitation will start out as snow and then transition to sleet and then freezing rain during the morning commute. The freezing rain should start in South County (a.m. commute) before it starts in the Northern Berkshires (midday). The GSD Staff is putting the chance of a delay at 25%, and this number will likely hold around this number. We are concerned about the lack of moisture with this storm. With the bitterly cold air in place and less moisture than last week's storm, we just don't have that much precipitation to work with.

On Wednesday, we're looking at wrap-around snows and high winds again. Because this system is more northerly than the Friday system that dumped up to 8" on parts of Berkshire County, we don't think that they'll there will be quite that much snow. We definitely could see an advisory posted for Northern Berkshire for 1-3" of snow and high winds (up to 40 mph gusts).

Still no Nor'easters in the forecast, but these recent storms should stir the pot and lay the foundation for a few monster storms in February. Let's just hope they don't fall during February break.

Updates to follow in the afternoon, the early evening, and then the all-important late evening report when we make our definitive prediction.


  1. "they'll"? GSD staff needs to work on its grammer...

  2. ...or we need to work on our re-reading skills. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Shouldn't "superintendent" be lower case, as you are not referring to a specific superintendent?

  4. Our first love is winter weather but our second love is debates about grammar and mechanics--yes! Actually, "Superintendent" is capitalized because "the Super" is a representative superintendent for all of Berkshire County, similar to the technique of 16th and 17th century writers who capitalized and personified big abstract nouns like Death and Beauty and Progress. Just so you know.