Friday, November 2, 2012

Possible Midweek Nor'easter

Just when it was safe to look outside your comes Sandy's grand-pappy, Old Man Winter.

Well, maybe. We've been filtering through a mountain of forecast models, and all indications are pointing to some kind of stormy event in the middle of the week of November 5. Currently, our best guess is that this storm--which has the potential to develop into a nor'easter--would hit us Wednesday, Wednesday night, and into Thursday.

Most indications are that this will be a rain event, but the perfect track could yield a measurable snowfall and a bona fide chance at a weather delay or cancellation for Thursday.

Again, all of this may be premature, but we wouldn't feel right if we didn't let you know.

Much more to follow.

(FYI--Right now the weather looks fine for our area for Tuesday, so no one should have any excuses about getting to the polls. If you're not old enough to vote, make sure you encourage someone who is.)

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