Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Storm Athena: WWA

NOAA has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the afternoon and evening. The advisory ends at 7:00 AM, reflecting the slightly speedier nature of this storm.

Totals have been bumped to 4" to 8" for the higher terrain, and everyone else in the region will see 2" to 6". Three to four inches is a more realistic expectation. Here's one reason why:

We'll see the bulk of that snow fall this afternoon and evening, which would adversely affect the evening commute. If the snow does start to pile up--and it we expect the roads will need to be cleared at some point tonight--crews will have enough time to get everything ready by 6 or 7 AM tomorrow.

We're still almost positive there will be school tomorrow, and the chance of delay is real but not likely.

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