Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Post Turkey Day Storm Forecast

A happy holiday week to all GSD followers!

Things have been quiet--a little too quiet--since Sandy and Athena left the building, but we kind of expected the calm after the storms. Typically, after an intense period of storminess we will see 2-3 weeks of dead time. We're about 2 weeks into that dead zone so we should see a shift in the pattern any time soon. With colder air in play--winter officially starts in a month--the precipitation we'll be talking about for the most part from now on will be snow.

We might see a fee snow showers on Friday night into Saturday of this week, but the big scuttlebutt around the weather water cooler is a possible storm for Tuesday the 27th. The computer models in North America and in Europe are very much in disagreement about this storm, so we are definitely not overly amped for a major round of precip.  Usually we see a little more computer model agreement by this point, and then a few days of disagreement, before the models then all re-align in the 36 or 48 hour run-up to a storm. That's the typical meteorological pattern, and we don't have that scenario emerging.

The storm for the 27th bears watching, but that could prove to be difficult given the tryptophan that will be coursing through most of the GSD staffers veins as of Thursday afternoon. We're certainly not ready to give it an official name just yet, but if we were to, we will be going with a male name because it will come out of the west (also another sign that it has little chance of being a blockbuster).

We'll report again on Saturday or Sunday about the possibility of a closure or delay on the 27th. Prost!

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