Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nor'easter Athena Strengthens

The latest news is that this nor'easter is showing a little life and strengthening, to the point that snow total expectations have been raised for the Berkshires to 3" to 6". The reason for the boost in numbers is that banding (waves of heavier snow with light snow periods in between) will occur.

Unfortunately, this banding will happen mainly in the afternoon hours. This means that our optimal timing for this storm has been downgraded to "just okay."

Snow lovers will dig this storm. Snow day enthusiasts aren't going to be so excited. We more bullish on the delay now because of the recent change in forecast, but we're still unenthused about the possibility of a snow day tomorrow.

Look for a Winter Weather Advisory for this afternoon and this evening and into the early hours on Thursday.

Oh, by the way, we like that winter storms get names, too. Not all storms get names--we'll go into those reasons in a separate post--but we at GSD think they should. In fact, from this point forward all possible systems--Alberta Clippers to nor'easters--will get official GSD names. We're going with men's names for clippers and women's names for coastal storms. Storms that can't be defined as one or the other will be given an appropriate name, like Pat or Alex or Dana.

We'll give an evening update in case things start to get out of hand.

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