Monday, November 5, 2012

Latest 11.8 Nor'easter News

We're within 48 hours of the latest, greatest weather event and the verdict is.....


This is what we know: The storm technically is a nor'easter but because the track of it will head south of Long Island and then to the east of the Cape, it's not going to pull a lot of frigid air into our region, nor will it have a ton of moisture associated with it. Models are predicting anywhere from .2 to just under .5 inches of precipitation, which translates to 2" to 6" of snow. The timing of the storm is super sweet--right in the school cancellation wheelhouse.

This is what we don't know: Just how cold it will get. Temps will hover right around the freezing point in the overnight hours Wednesday night into Thursday. A little movement here, and little movement there, and the snow could change to sleet or evening freezing rain. Models are suggesting all four types of precip--snow, sleet, freezing rain, and plain ol' rain.

Thanks, Accuweather!
NOAA is saying valleys will have 1-3" of snow and the higher terrain will pull in 3-6". These snow totals are not enough to produce a Winter Storm Watch or Warning, but we will likely see a Winter Weather Advisory starting in the afternoon on Wednesday and into the AM commute hours on Thursday.

If we're on the high side, we definitely could have a delay. Because it's so early in the season, we don't think the ground is cold enough to allow the snow to build up right away.

To be honest, we're not feeling it with this storm, given it's track and the low volume of precip, but we're certainly not dismissive of its potential.

We'll let you know more tomorrow.

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