Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's Get Back to Snow

After a very few hectic days at the GSD office, we're happy to see Sandy moving along and dissipating somewhere out there in middle America. We're not done with her yet as we'll still see lingering showers, wind gusts, and the occasional power outage for the next 48 hours.

The chance of a third hurricane day is infinitesimally low, so don't even go there.

There is some question if Monday's day will count toward our state-mandated 180 days/990 hours. In some states, a State of Emergency declaration doesn't have to count toward your days or hours. Last year, Connecticut gave a waiver to some districts for missed school days because of Irene, for example. We suppose it all depends on how many snow days we get this year and if towns start begging the Commonwealth for leniency about the number of weather-related closures. More to come (hopefully) on that topic at a later date.

So let's talk snow, our bread and butter. We don't have anything even approaching firm for you in the near future, but we do have our eye on dropping temps over the next week and forecasted precipitation on Wednesday into Thursday of next week. Temps will be cold enough for snow and/or ice. Precipitation amounts will be high enough for measurable snow. Put the two together and that means we should at the very least be on guard for a potentially developing situation. Realistically, it will rain next week, but there's still an outside chance for slush/ice/wet snow on the morning of November 8.

High temps will dip into the 40s next week with evening lows in the mid 20s, so it's definitely going to be feeling more and more like winter.

Don't get worked up about yet, but we're ever closer to our season's first measurable snow.

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