Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thursday Nor'easter: Weekend Update

We've moved 36 hours closer to our upcoming mid-week nor'easter, and it looks like we're still on course for snow on Thursday.

No need to jump up and down and get out the snow suit just yet, but NOAA is still saying its models are calling for snow, especially in the higher terrain in the Albany area. We don't know much, but we do know that the Berkshires qualifies as "higher terrain."

The nor'easter will be slower moving than forecasters originally thought a few days ago, and it doesn't look like the storm is going to deepen/intensify to give us the 6" to 12" we usually expect from a nor'easter. We definitely could see a grass-coating and street-coating snow for Thursday morning.

There's a strong likelihood that this storm will fizzle and vanish out in the Atlantic somewhere; however, we at GSD are more than happy to keep hope alive for a few days.

Right now we're thinking a delay is a more realistic scenario than a snow day because of the low snow total prediction and the (relative) warm ground. We'll get well below freezing on Monday and Tuesday, but the overnight low on Wednesday is supposed to be right around 32 or 33 degrees.

Cross those fingers, if you will, but don't forget Veterans' Day is on the 12th and Thanksgiving is the week after. The mind and body isn't really aching for a respite from the rigors of school (largely due to our Hurricane days), so maybe we shouldn't get too greedy this time of year. But that's just our opinion.


  1. Our two favorite words are being thrown around ice and cyclogenesis!!! Crossing my fingers for a delay.

  2. I don't care wether or not we get the day off, I just want snow.