Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long-Term Forecast--October Update

The leaves are turning, the cider is warming up on the stove, the sweaters are making their way out of their storage bins--no time like the present to break out the most current and up-to-date info we have about the long-term forecast!

Hopefully this map will get you just a wee bit excited:

Courtesy of the Accuweather
Looks like the Berkshires just made it into the "above" range for the winter of 2012. Even if we have a normal snow fall total this year--in the 50-60" range--then that will feel like a veritable snow party compared to last season's paltry production.

The current line of thinking is that the first part of the winter season should be normal, but we could see a push of colder air in February, which would heighten the chances of bigger storms in the final third of the season. Our luck being what it is, we'll see a blockbuster during February vacation week, but who's really going to complain after last season?

The GSD staff does expect the first measurable snow to fall in November of this year. We may see a few flakes fly toward the end of the month of October, but currently we see no signs pointing to an early season storm like last year's outrageous Halloween snow-tease.

Look for more frequent updates in the weeks ahead.

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