Friday, October 26, 2012

Making Room for Sandy

Predictably, weather-hypers are backing down from some of their audacious claims of yesterday. Sadly, this tropical storm will not be pulling the cold north air into our region and dumping truckloads full of snow on the Berkshires. We'll just have to wait until mid-November for our first real snow of the season.

Still, this storm should be a fun one, if you go for that kind of thing. The current track has Sandy taking a left turn right down there around Lewes, Delaware and making its way inland in a northwesterly fashion. This track is of course about as predictable as a thirteen year-old with ADD, so we'll have to update a few more times over the weekend to let you know how the storm is going to impact our area.

And it will impact the area. This is a big storm. Even though today's agreed upon track has the storm going much farther south and west of us than yesterday's track, it still is going to give us heavy rain and strong, gusty winds. It's unlikely that we'll see widespread downed trees and power outages if Sandy stays on her current track, but a fifty or one hundred mile shift in the track will change the rules of the game significantly.

The timing right now looks like rain starting on Monday and then the heaviest downpours and winds hitting us on Tuesday. Rain and showers will certainly linger into Wednesday and possibly Thursday.

Here's a nice map of the storm track. The NWS will be doing a big storm update at 11:00 AM on Friday. We'll process that information for you and update later in the day.

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