Monday, October 29, 2012

A Double Dip for Sandy

Mount Greylock Regional School District sent out its famed robo-call at 8:06 pm on Monday, ending a long day of speculation about whether school would be open on Tuesday.

When asked for an explanation for the delay in announcing the cancelled day, Superintendent Rose Ellis said, "I need to have a little fun every once in a while. I knew GSD said the call would be made between 5 and 8, so I decided to take it to the brink and let the little kiddoes sweat this one out."

Students of Mount Greylock Regional were not at all impressed with Dr. Ellis's shenanigans. "She's a sly fox that Dr. Ellis," said senior Bernie Krantz. "We're gonna have to keep an eye on her from now on."

Now that students have a second day off, teachers anticipate students will be clamoring for their homework assignments so that they have something to do with all their idle time. In anticipation of a flood of homework requests, middle school history teacher Pat White said, "No teacher is contractually obligated to email students their upcoming homework assignments for the week. But we don't want a riot on our hands on Wednesday from education-starved students, so for the sake of humanity we better comply."

The administration expects to announce its Wednesday school plans at an undetermined time on Tuesday via robocall, smoke signals from the school chimney, or carrier pigeon.

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