Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy: Sunday AM Update

Not much has changed from our previous post. We feel we're on target with our wind speed projections as well as our rain total forecast. The only big change is that we think that the peak of the storm will be in the overnight hours of Monday into Tuesday early a.m. This shift does raise the possibility of a hurricane day off from school for the region. Also, it's important to note that the higher wind gusts should effect the southern Berkshires more as they are closer to the storm's center.

Part of the reason for the early super hype about this storm is the rarity of the storm. The models essentially freaked out because they didn't and don't have a lot of storms like this one in their databases. Some of the models are still forecasting an incredible amount of rain, but most meteorologists are disinclined to believe those models. Human rationalism trumps modern technology yet again.

This interactive map's a nice one. You can see we're right on the edge of the high 50s for max wind speed.

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