Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Snow Again?!?!

Don't look now but that old feller Mr. Winter is lurking just around the corner. We're not going to get overly worked up about a forecast 10 days out, but our friends at Accuweather are currently predicting rain and snow for October 31 and November 1. Could we have a repeat of last October's record-setting snow fall? [Eyebrows raised.]

As we all know, last October's snow certainly did not usher in a winter to remember, so maybe we should hope that the current forecast for the 31st is just a bunch of malarkey.

We're certainly going to keep an eye on it for you as we get closer to the predicted date. Just because it's the first forecast for a possibly measurable snow, we at GSD are going to go on the record as openly optimistic at this early stage in the game.

By the way, GSD Staffers did spot the first flurries of the season on Friday, October 12th. Indeed, another great sign!

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