Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Weather Advisory for Tonight

You see those things that look like arched, fuzzy caterpillars? Those are the collective raised eyebrows of the GSD Staff. One never knows, do one.

NWS is calling for 3-6" for the county with 4-8" in the higher terrain, which necessitated the WWA. If we were somehow able to come in at 8", we could be talking snow day. Still, the old reliable infrared radar indicates that we'll be in that 3-5" range.

Accuweather's latest delivery of optimism.

With the warmer temps creating a greasier, slick snow, and the perfect timing of the disturbance for the a.m. commute, GSD is much more optimistic about a delay than it was six hours ago. There's still a better chance for a full day than a delay, but the trend is moving decidedly in the favor of delay dreamers.


  1. Where's the GSD spirit????
    You've gotta believe.
    The snow's gonna be a-blowin'... hard to keep the roads safe with blowing snow.
    42% ?????
    8% ?????
    How about 75% for a delay?
    25% for a snow day?

  2. "One never knows, do one."

    [Grammar Police explode with delight at this stylistic maneuver!!!]

  3. "In thought, a fine human brow is like the East when troubled with the morning."

  4. "One never knows, do one?" Bone up on your grammar GSD Staff. LOL!!