Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do Not Get Your Hopes Up for 2.3

It's hard to get disappointed about not getting too dumped on today, but today's storm certainly did not pass the taste test. Sure we had a snow day, but there wasn't enough body and it had a weak finish. Yes, we've become snow snobs, but only because we have been inundated with the opportunities to sample Father Winter's icy concoctions.

So, Flake-meisters, you want to know what tomorrow will bring? It's coming down rather steadily right now but looks are deceiving. There is a low chance of a delay (25%). The squalls and snow showers should dry up overnight, and crews will be out on the roads in due time. GSD can definitely sense that snow removal crews, like the Dunkin Donut man of the 1980s, have just about had it up to here. They are done bothering with these 'round-the-clock clean-ups. Oh, they'll get the job done by tomorrow morning, but they're going to take their sweet time. And who could really blame them?

The good news is the the video competition is heating up. Right now we have the innocent and the bold, and we did have the sacrificial for a while but apparently the submitters have pulled back their entry, most likely to make it better in the face of stiff competition. We're still taking entries, so you can send in your video this weekend. The GSD staff will be doing professional development at the NWS Hartford branch Saturday and Sunday, so we'll be in and out. But don't despair--we'll give you the latest, including updates on Storm 2.9. Wink. Wink.


  1. Aww, this sucks... :c I really want a snowday!

  2. The "sacrificial" video is not working. But the other two are great. Nate, you're so cute! Leah, you're so crazy! But I love you both :).