Monday, February 7, 2011

Delay Not Out of the Realm of Possibility

This prediction will come in a rhyme:
A snow day would be very sublime,
But it won’t pile up fast
So prepare for class--
The school day will start right on time

The storm just doesn't have enough moxie to get the job done for tomorrow. The timing couldn't be better, but the rate of snowfall will underwhelm our snow removal crews. We'll hold out some hope for a delay, but it's mostly a hedge in case something kooky happens overnight.

The harsh reality is this is your best chance of some kind of shortened school day this week. The Friday storm is drying up like a piece of cured venison in a food dehydrator, and we're going to have to turn our attentions to next week's possible icy mess on Tuesday (2.15).

The finalists for the video snow dance competition will be unveiled soon, and voting will commence! Like they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, GSD, this rhyme won’t do!
    This snow must cause HULLABALOO.
    Let’s pray to the Snow Gods
    To augment our snow odds
    And leave every flake stick like glue.