Friday, February 4, 2011

Storm 2.11 the One to Watch

Weather disturbances continue to be in the forecast. Saturday's snow totals have been lowered, and we might see 6" by the end of the evening. The Tuesday/Wednesday storm seems to be bifurcating, and the Midwest portion will not merge with the Gulf portion. We could see some precip from either part (more likely a clipper-like snowfall) on Tuesday night. The best bet for an MSE right now is a storm for Friday 2.11. A nor'easter is a possibility.

For those of you just about at the end of your tether--a warm-up is expected for the week of the 14th and we could see temps close to 50. Storms will still dominate in the back half of February, but temperatures are supposed to rise considerably. These would mean more wet snow/sleet/rain events for our area as we move into March.


  1. I like how you were able to sneak bifurcating into
    this post, good word, I will try to use it at least once each day!

  2. Is there a chance that you might attribute the pithy quotes that top your blog page? I continue to be curious about their origin. Thanks.

  3. My favorite weather phrase of all time is "Spectaculer Bombogenesis". Could you please weave it into one of your upcoming storm discriptions? Please, please, please?

    I know, I know, there has to be some specific weather changes (pressure drops and pressure gradients within a specific period of time) but it's just a great phrase. Just rolls off the ole lips. Thanks!