Friday, February 11, 2011

O Snow Storms Where Art Thou?

Just like that, the storm pattern we were enjoying has dried up. The well is dry, the jig is up, the goose is cooked, the fruit is withering on the vine. We're staring at an unprecedented run of consecutive school days without a cancellation or delay and GSD no likey. Mercifully, vacation is right around the corner. GSD strongly urges Father Winter to use the break to regroup, to find his center, and to start to deliver more disturbances for the end of the month and the first part of March. Sure we've been spoiled, but more winter now please.

Snow will fall this weekend and early next week, but we're looking at showers and not much sustained snow activity. Very weak ACs are set to cruise over us in the next three or four days. We may get up to two inches from them, but there's really nothing to get jacked up about at the moment. Temps will climb close to 40 for the back end of next week, but we won't see grass for some time yet.

Keep voting for the video contest--it's neck and neck. Voting ends on Sunday.


  1. thankgoodness we have vacation soon..... u sill have 15% chance of deley on 2/15..... any hope in that or nahhh

  2. gsd brightens wintertime more than the sun does. never thought i'd be sad to see no snow storms, but if it means fewer blog posts...bring on the messs