Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Advisory Extended to 6 PM

Had we known ahead of time that the storm would create this lake effect-like snow we've been having all day, the wise decision might have been to cancel school. Rule #24 of snow day predicting--it's all about the build-up. Case in point: storm 2.2. There was so much anticipation and certainty established by NWS, local meteorologists, and this blog that the snow day on Wednesday became an inevitability. Today's storm, by contrast, had a snowman-in-a-greenhouse's chance of resulting in any kind of truncation or cancellation of school. Simply no build-up.What's amazing is that we will get more snow from the storm last night and the lake effect today than we did from the 2.2 storm. That's why predicting snow days is not just about the science. We at GSD pride ourselves in taking in the whole landscape before we make our decision.

Even though NWS extended the advisory, you'll start to see the skies get brighter and snow showers will be intermittent this afternoon and evening. Afternoon activities should not (or ought not) to be affected. Beware the return of Freeze-miser--we'll get to zero or below for the next few nights. Bundle up!

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