Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saturday 2.5 Snow Not Insignificant

There's no pressing need to comment on a Saturday storm, but this one will disrupt activities during the day on the 5th. Hearty New Englanders will shrug this storm off and do what they need to do to procure their provisions for Super Bowl Sunday.

We foresee about 6-8" for Norberk and lesser amounts to the south. NWS will announce a Winter Weather Advisory if not a Winter Storm Warning by midday tomorrow.

GSD staff received this photo yesterday, which we think is of the Petersburg Pass but we've yet to verify it:

Thanks to GSD Staff in Watervliet.


  1. LOL, looks like my driveway. I keep telling my wife that there's nowhere left to put the snow! She really needs to get out of the house more.

  2. I guess no one said this storm had to be a SNOW storm--what a mess! 6" rain and slush, thunder & lightning in early february :O