Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Very Light Snow for Thursday

It's Wednesday so that must mean we're talking about the potential for snow to end the week. And "weak" is the operative word as our next snowmaker will only yield a paltry one-inch of snow for most of the Berkshires.

The timing of this storm has improved, though, so it's possible that roads could have a coating tomorrow morning. The cold air in place will actually work against us tonight. The radar after midnight will indicate that it is snowing over our area, but that will not be the case as the snow will evaporate before hitting the ground. It might not be until 6 AM until we see the snow accumulate. As a result, we will recognize the threat of snow in our True North Confidence Meter, but we strongly believe there will be no delays tomorrow.

Courtesy of NWS Albany.
The very light snow will continue throughout much of the school day. Road crews should be able to handle it and make the afternoon commute a breeze. Those of you heading out of town tomorrow afternoon should not have any problem getting where you need to go, unless you are heading to the Adirondacks, where there may be 3 or 4 inches in some locales.

It looks like our snow on the ground will hang on through the weekend and we will have a White Christmas. Let's just remember that last year the Berkshires were in the mid-60s on Christmas Eve, and we even hit 60 in Pittsfield on Christmas Day. Old Man Winter's present to us all this year is his presence.

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