Monday, December 12, 2016

Storm Recap

Here are just a few snow totals from Monday's storm as reported to the NWS:

GSD Home Office -- 5.0'"; North Adams -- 5.5"; Lanesborough -- 6.0"; and Great Barrington -- 5.0".

All in all the storm performed just about as expected. The snow ended a little bit earlier than we thought, and the snowfall across Berkshire County was more uniform than expected. For that reason, we saw more snow days in the southern part of the county than we predicted. Snow days were the norm, not delays.

It's been many years since we've had two snow days prior to the New Year. With only 9 more school days until vacation, from a mental health perspective we really don't need any more snow days. These last two weeks before vacation typically zoom by anyway, but that last full week before vacation will be manic. A well-timed delay or snow day in that week would certainly not go unappreciated by students and teachers alike.

From what we're seeing, the weather pattern looks active for the next few weeks. Enjoy that 40 degree afternoon we just had because the mercury is headed south and will not stop dropping until Friday when we wake up to a balmy -4 degrees. Good times! High temps on Thursday and Friday will barely reach the teens. This is unusually cold weather for this time of year. The average high temp historically is in the high 20s.

As for snow, we could see a few squalls tonight and some snow showers or light snow on Wednesday night in conjunction with the cold front. There will be a very low chance for delays on Thursday due to upslope snow. Over the weekend, we might see measurable snow, but it should be light. The top outcome would be 5" by the end of the day on Sunday. We're monitoring it carefully as lots of college students will be making their way home this upcoming weekend.

Finally, we have a sneaking feeling that next Thursday the 22nd will be messy. We'll just leave it at that. For now.

Keep an eye out for those squalls tonight, and we could see black ice late tonight and tomorrow morning as the temps drop below freezing.

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