Sunday, December 11, 2016

Evening Report: How You Should Approach Your Morning

[POST UPDATE 9:45 PM: Hoosick Falls, NY has cancelled for tomorrow; Williams College--student are in their reading period--has delayed their opening for the children's center until 9:30 and administration offices until 10:00.]

Here are a few more weather maps for your perusal before we discuss your suggested protocol for tomorrow morning:

Here's what you should do for tomorrow: set the alarm for 6:00 AM. Check GSD. We'll know most of the delays and cancellations by that hour. Should your school appear there, then set the alarm for two more hours or not at all. Enjoy.

Should your school not appear there, set the snooze for 20 minutes and then check GSD again. If you still don't see your, tough luck. Get your backside out of bed and into the shower. Throw those Eggos into the toaster 'cause you are going to need sustenance for a grueling day of school. There may be no longer day of school than a would-be snow day that turns into a full day. We will feel your pain.

The above negative scenario should only impact about 20% of students in Berkshire County, and most of those students will live in the southern school districts.

There has been no change to actual meteorological information we have been researching for the past two days. The WSW is still on for Northern Berkshire, and the WWA is still predicted for Southern Berkshire. The only big weather concern is how soon the warm nose of air creeps its way into the Berkshires. The True North Confidence Meter will stay where it is.

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