Sunday, December 4, 2016

Chance For Delays Monday Morning

As we did during Thanksgiving week, we see the potential for three separate storms this week. All could produce measurable snow totals, but unfortunately the most snow we'll see is three inches out of any of the storms.

You'll notice it is a lot colder as of today (Sunday). With this cold front, we have a mass of frozen precipitation moving toward us ever so slowly from the west. It will snow in the early morning hours of Monday--one to three inches across the region--which could mean delays if you live in a district that has a conservative and cautious superintendent. Even though this storm is not a big snow producer, the timing looks to be just about perfect. When you wake up tomorrow, it will be snowing and there will be about an inch of accumulation on the ground. We think a few superintendents may decide to wait out the messiness and go with the late start.

That blue blob will arrive around 4 AM Monday.
The rest of the week is an unsettled jumble of storms with very little clarity about how much snow we'll see. If it does snow again after Monday morning's small storm, it will fall late on Tuesday night (again, 1-3 inches) and during the day on Thursday. The latest models we've seen point to a rain event for Thursday. If it does snow on that day we'll see--yet again--1-3 inches.

Keep your eyes and ears open tomorrow morning for possible delays. We don't think there will be any Winter Weather Advisories announced for this storm--there just isn't that much precipitation--but we could see a Special Weather Statement about slick roads for the morning commute.

We'll set the True North Confidence Meter at 20% just in case a few schools decided to delay the start of the day.

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