Monday, December 5, 2016

More Delays for Wednesday

Who doesn't love a two-hour delay on a Monday? South County definitely doesn't as they got shut out of the fun this morning. The districts that opted for the delay today were all north and east of Pittsfield.

The good news is that those unlucky students do not have to wait long for the next opportunity for a weather-related shortened day. We have an almost identical situation in store for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The timing looks really encouraging with snow starting around 3 AM and lasting into the morning. It's another 1-3 inches for the Berkshires, but the timing is what will seal the deal if we do get delays.

We also think the psychology of the superintendent will play a big role in who gets delays and who doesn't on Wednesday. Those who gave out a delay will be slightly less likely to give another one on Wednesday. Those who didn't give one today will feel more inclined to give one out. That's just how these people's brains work.

There is just a little bit of chatter in the wind from meteorological folks about a possible Sunday night snow storm (if a secondary low pressure system forms off the coast.) At the moment the chances are slimmer than better for this development, but it is a possibility that you need to be aware of.

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