Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Snow For Monday

It's snowing as of this instant (3:30 Sunday), but these showers are just remnants from the quick blast of snow that gave us a few inches of snow this morning, bumping up our seasonal snow totals nearly 20%.

Our attention is focused on the next Alberta Clipper that will creep toward us in the overnight hours. There is a chance--just a chance--that we could see delays or snow days tomorrow. If the snow starts early enough, some Superintendents might choose to delay the start or cancel altogether as it is supposed to snow all day long. The catch is that there isn't that much moisture associated with this storm.

That blue blob is headed our way; the timing could be right.
We'll see a few heavy snow bands with this Monday morning storm. If we get lucky and catch them just right, the hands of many Superintendents will be forced and they'll have to make a decision. The future weather maps we're seeing put is in the "hot zone" for 2-5 inches of snow.

The one difference between tomorrow's snow and today's is that tomorrow the roads will be cold enough to allow the snow to stick. That's good news.

Stay tuned and check in later tonight for an update.

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  1. At this point, a sympathy snow-day is an order.