Saturday, April 2, 2016

Winter Weather Advisory for the Berkshires

Snow is coming. A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for the Berkshires for the overnight hours. Expect to see wintry conditions by the time you wake up tomorrow. Higher elevations could see 5 inches. The rest of us will see 2-3 inches. It will all end by 8 AM at the latest.

Snow is coming. It should start after midnight.
As for the Monday storm, things do not seem to be coming together. Oh, we'll see snow alright, but the timing is about as bad as it gets. The snow won't start until late morning Monday, and it will end in the evening. Conditions could be slick when school lets out, but no district will feel the need to call for the problematic early release. So...the snow day-less winter will continue for another few days.

We wish the news were better. But if you like snow any time of year, tomorrow will be your day. Enjoy.

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