Sunday, April 3, 2016

Winter Weather Advisory for Monday Morning (April 4)

Encouraging news from the National Weather Service:

A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Berkshire County. NOAA is calling for 3-6 inches, with 4-8 inches in higher terrains. The Advisory starts at 2 AM and goes until 6 PM.

The GSD Staff loves the 2 AM start, as that means it will likely be snowing at 5 AM when Superintendents start to study the conditions, talk to other Superintendents, and speak to the bus companies.

If we're on the high side of these predictions, some students in the county will be enjoying a three-day weekend. There might even be a few teachers who have to turn in 3rd quarter grades in a day or two who might be tickled to have an extra day to grade.

Keep an eye on that radar, and do your best snow dance to ensure a 3 AM start to this storm.

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  1. I'm a teacher and think this site is absolutely fantastic! Not only do you give "hope" to thousands of wishful students AND staff but your writing is histerical!