Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Storm Update

The snow started falling earlier than expected today--around 10 AM at GSD Headquarters--but it has since stopped. It will resume later this afternoon, with about 2-3" the likely outcome for most in the County.

We are getting some coastal development from this storm, which means that South County could now be the beneficiaries of a higher snowfall total. Up to 6" is now predicted for those south of I-90.

Looking at the radar, we've noticed the storm is not particularly well developed. The snow is starting to fill in more as it gains some energy from the ocean, but this storm isn't simply going to be a big snow maker. We will lower the True North Confidence Meter for delays as a result.

As for Tuesday night's storm, we're almost certain now that there will be mixed precipitation involved. So even though snow totals will not be that high--3-5" expected--the addition of ice at dawn on Wednesday could certainly generate many delays for the day.

We'll keep you posted with any new developments for both of our storms.

Here's a some fascinating data from NWS Albany:

We actually had less snow than an average February, about 12" fewer than normal. But the cold temps more than made up for the loss of those inches. What we just experienced this past February is one of the coldest months ever. We may not experience another month with such sustained cold in our lifetimes. But, with climate change causing more and more extreme and anomalous weather events, perhaps next winter we'll experience an even colder month. Or this summer we'll have the hottest July ever. Who is to say these days.

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