Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Little Snow Is On the Way

We have had a quiet, cold week, but why not end it with a little snow?

A coastal low will make its way into our area that will leave its wintery mark. It will not be a direct hit, but eventually snow will overspread our area by tomorrow night.

We have to admit we've been a little distracted from all the March Madness bracketology lately, but we promise you we've been monitoring the weather situation. And Old Man Winter just does not want to give it up for the season.

Here's what we expect tomorrow...

Three inches in South County and one or two up North by the GSD Home Office. Driving around tomorrow night will be slow. Tomorrow's ride back home from school could be messy for South County schools. It should hold off for all schools north of Pittsfield after the afternoon bus runs. It's possible some schools in South County will cancel afternoon activities.

We think this timing map from Accuweather is mostly accurate.
Other than tomorrow night's snow, we see no big storms out there that will reach our area. If you're tired of winter, then you won't like the forecast. Next week is slated to be unseasonably cool once again. Skiers, on the other hand, are rejoicing and should be able to get another week of their sport in (at least).

Have a great weekend and travel safely tomorrow afternoon and evening.

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