Friday, March 13, 2015

Freezing Rain Advisory/Late Week Snow?

Don't be surprised tomorrow morning if you find a light glaze of ice on your car and especially on your driveway. All of Berkshire County has been issued a Freezing Rain Advisory. This advisory might be more of a precaution than an out-and-out concern, but it's good to be forewarned, isn't it? We don't think it's going to slow down too many folks.

Any precipitation we see this weekend should be in the form of rain. We'll see light rain overnight--thus the potential for freezing rain--and that rain could be with us through noon. There will be a letup in the afternoon, then we have another round of showers in store for Saturday night. We could see a few snow showers mix in Saturday night and Sunday morning. The threat of a Sunday night storm that we mentioned earlier in the week is no longer a threat.

So, we're looking at a fairly gray and wet weekend, with around average temperatures, but we are not expecting heavy rain, which is good for any flooding concerns people might have.

Despite the mild weather we've experienced (alright, enjoyed) this past week, temps are heading south again for next week. We'll be in the 30s most of the week, which is a few degrees below normal. Nights will be cold (upper teens and low 20s).

We do have the potential for a Thursday/Friday snowstorm--the temperatures will be cold enough to support an all snow event. Right now it's a coastal low that looks like it will miss us to the south, but the potential exists for a more northerly track, which would impact our area.

Anybody up for more snow?

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