Monday, March 9, 2015

End of Weekend Storm?

It's almost blasphemous to admit it, but that bright sun sure felt good today. We'll have a few more enjoyably mild, sunny days this week to enjoy. Temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s during the day and in the 20s (on average) at night. The only precipitation we see this week is a small chance of a brief rain shower Tuesday night.

As for snow, we actually have some news to report. We've heard rumblings about the possibility of the development of a coastal storm on Sunday that could very well impact school on Monday. It's way too early to give you any solid info on this storm, but because this week will be so dreadfully dull on the weather front, at least it's something to pique or interest.

If it does develop in our favor, we think there could be moderate to heavy precipitation. What form that precipitation takes is a mystery at this point in the proceedings.

We'll have much more to report in a few days when the computer models start to give us more consistent information. Perhaps this will be Winter's last gasp?

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