Sunday, March 3, 2019

Snow Tonight; Some Delays for Monday

The Winter Storm Watch issued yesterday has now become a mere Winter Weather Advisory. We will see snow tonight--and it will last into the Monday morning commute--but it is not going to be the premier snow event we thought it might be last week.

If schools issued delays for the 4-5 inches of fluffy snow we got on Thursday, then the 3-6 inches of snow predicted for tonight should yield many delays tomorrow morning. South County schools will have the better chance for delays, as the farther south and east you go with this storm, the more snow you will see. In fact, Litchfield County in northwest Connecticut has a full Winter Storm Warning for tonight and tomorrow.

NWS Albany

Schools south of Pittsfield will have a better than 50% chance for a delay; schools north of Pittsfield may get shut out but the potential for a delay still exists. There's a chance a district like Southern Berkshire or Farmington River could go for the full snow day if they get 6-7 inches, which is certainly possible.

A big difference between this storm and Thursday's Alberta Clipper will be the density of the snow. As temperatures are relatively high right now, the snow will be heavy and wet. Especially in North County, the snow may even take a while to stick on the roads because the last few days have been over freezing for much of the day.

So, we do expect some delays tomorrow, but they probably won't be county-wide. We strongly suggest students prepare tonight for regular full-length classes or slightly shortened periods. We'll update later if we hear anything about changes to the track of the storm.

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