Monday, March 4, 2019

Nothing But Cold Air

The biggest news today was that the storm--which wasn't as much of a bust as we might have been led to believe--did not generate a single delay or snow day in Berkshire County. We all expected county Superintendents to zig but they zagged.

Given their past records on 3-6 inch snow storms that end before or right around the morning commute, the Superintendents' collective decisions to all have a full day of school reeks of collusion.

(Actually, the real reason is that streets and roads were too warm, and it took several hours for the snow to accumulate on the roads, if it accumulated at all. Road crews didn't have that much snow to move, and they had plenty of time to do it.)

So, we missed this storm about as badly as we've missed one all season. Our apologies. And we won't have an opportunity to get right back on the horse because the next weather-maker will not arrive until Sunday when a mixed bag of precipitation is forecasted to impact our area Sunday afternoon and Sunday night.

What we will see over the next few days is a well-below average cold air mass on top of us. Tuesday won't be too bad (mid 20s) but we will get into the single digits Tuesday night, and Wednesday's highs will only be in the upper teens. We will almost get to 0 degrees on Wednesday night before we see a gradual warm-up to the upper 30s and mid-40s for the weekend.

There may be some stray lake effect snow showers over the next few days but no accumulation is expected.

A near miss.

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