Friday, March 1, 2019

Light Snow Saturday; Moderate/Heavy Snow Sunday Night

The weather forecast may be confusing tonight as not one but two storms will hit New England in about a 36-hour period. The first storm will have a low impact on the Berkshires; the second storm appears to be poised to deliver the goods.

The Berkshires may see 2-3 inches during the day tomorrow from a coastal storm that is going to intensify and spread snow in an unusual manner--east to west. Some models see strong intensification but most of the snow will fall over Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts. South County could see up to 4 inches if the storm takes a more northerly track.

As for the more important Sunday evening storm, the European model is the one that is calling for heavy snow for the Berkshires. The North American one is less optimistic and has the storm tracking farther to the south. But the Euro is usually fairly reliable with coastal storms, so we'll put our eggs in that basket this tie. We're still not fully convinced the map below is accurate, and we expect it to change over the next 24 hours. As we indicated yesterday, the track of this storm is still a moving target, so our 8-12 inches could become 3-5 in a hurry.

Image courtesy of NWS Albany.

We'll probably wait until the evening model runs tomorrow night to give you a more serious prediction for Monday, but if we were wagering on this storm, we would be putting just a few dollars on a snow day for Monday for almost all schools in Berkshire County.

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