Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Morning Snow

Heavy snow is now falling throughout all of the Berkshires. Expect the snow to continue until about 10 AM and things will slow down. It looks like the GSD Home Office will get 3-4" for this first part of the storm.

Part two of the storm will be less predictable. The wind will kick up and we should see snow pick back up toward the evening when the back end of the storm kicks in and the flow of the storm moves from north to south. With the back end part of the storm, we could get 1 inch or we could 6 inches. It all depends on how much moisture is in the air from the first part of the storm.

Please see the previous post, which has more details about the chance for delays tomorrow.

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  1. 1 26 p.m. over a foot in Hancock.