Sunday, November 20, 2016

Snow To Continue Overnight

Greetings, Snow Lovers. We hope you're enjoying this early season storm. Here a few snow totals we've observed from the local environs: 12" in Canaan, NY; 8" in Hinsdale; 4" in Williamstown.

We're firmly in phase 2 of the storm, which is this upslope light snow we'll see for most of the night. Because the snow will continue for much of the night and the temps are going to drop a few degrees, we're going to bump the chance of a delay tomorrow to 25%. Most schools will have a full school day, but a few will see delays, especially those with students in the higher elevation towns.

While 25% is not very encouraging for those who would like a shorter day tomorrow, don't forget that a certain President Elect also had a 25% chance of winning a well-documented election exactly two weeks ago today. So, yes, we're saying there's a chance for all of the students out there.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

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