Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rain Sunday, Snow Monday Night, Sleet Tuesday

Welcome back, dear readers. Everything is still on track for a plowable snowstorm for Tuesday. We'll have to endure a rainy, mild Sunday before we get to the good stuff on Monday night.

The North American model is leading the charge for a more moderate snow event. The Canadian and European are predicting a faster changeover to all rain on Tuesday.

Here's how it will likely play out: snow will start later on Monday night and continue to fall through Tuesday morning; by mid-morning we'll see and hear sleet mixing in, and then the storm will change to all rain by Tuesday night.

We do not have a firm reading on when the storm will start yet, but Monday evening athletic contests in the Berkshires should be safe from postponement and/or cancellation.

The sleet will hold snow totals down. GSD Staff consensus is that we'll see about 4 inches of snow before the sleet and rain come in to compact the snow down to a few inches. Sadly for all those cross country skiing enthusiasts, it doesn't look as if there will be enough of a base for skiing on Wednesday (without damaging your skis). Temps are supposed to slide back into the 40s on Wednesday and Thursday.

Maybe the forecast will swing more in the positive direction, but even in the best case scenario this storm is not a blockbuster. Tuesday's commute to work will be dicey, but roads should be treated by the end day.

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