Monday, December 28, 2015

Messy Tuesday Morning

Despite the low snow totals for this first storm of the season, it still should provide plenty of travel headaches for the first half of the day on Tuesday.

Courtesy of Accuweather. GSD agrees with this assessment.
Expect the snow to start between 8 and 9 PM tonight. Lower accumulations (1-2 inches) are expected in South County tonight, but the sleet will kick in around 2-3 AM for everyone in the area. The period of sleet will extend through the morning commute, and then we'll see all rain (10ish), with some of it freezing on surfaces initially. The bulk of the precipitation should end by 1 PM on Tuesday.

There just might be enough snow for a little sledding tomorrow. Hopefully, the rain won't move in too quickly and kill all the fun.

But plan your road travel in the morning accordingly. Consider hanging out at home and playing with your new holiday toys or diving into that book you got in your stocking. The roads should be fine by the afternoon.

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