Thursday, December 24, 2015


At long last, we finally have some good news to report on the flake front. Starting Monday evening and lasting through the day on Tuesday, the Berkshires should see its first measurable snow of this (already) lamest winter ever. 

Early reports of 3-5 inches sound about right, based on the information the storm-starved GSD Staff has gathered. 

The big question for this storm will be if sleet mixes in, thus keeping snow totals down. Worst case scenario--right now--is for about an inch of snow then slushy rain. Best case scenario would be the cold gets trapped in our area and we end up with half a foot. 

Either way, we finally have something fun to talk about at GSD Headquarters. 

We'll have much more to report about this storm in the next few days. 

Happy Holidays!

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