Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rain and Wind for Friday

The last day of school before vacation will be an ugly one.

The latest news on a possible ice storm for Friday indicates the Berkshires should escape unscathed. Sleet could mix into the rain (heavy at times) on Friday morning, but it shouldn't impact travel conditions much at all. While there was a chance for a delay just 12 hours ago, that chance is eroding quickly. Sorry to get everyone excited about a last gasp from Old Man Winter, but now the chance for a delay is almost negligible.

Watch for the winds to really whip up on Friday as the coastal low forms and develops a nor'easter-style storm track. Practices, meets, matches, and games on Friday afternoon will be in serious jeopardy. It's going to be fairly cold to boot. Only the heartiest of lax coaches will make their players practice outside, but they'll run the risk of doing significant damage to their fields.

Look for our practice and game predictions for next week on Sunday. We will also announce the winners of our writing contest by midweek. Over 60 entries from a dozen schools--very impressive GSD readers (and writers)!

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