Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Writing Contest Winners!

After a few day delay (and thank you for your patience), we hereby announce the winners of the 1st Annual Greylock Snowday Writing Competition!

Over 40 students entered this year's competition, and our panel read an impressive array of stories. (Panelists read the stories without any names attached to them, only grades). We read about grizzly deaths from snow, a Chris van Allsburg-inspired tale, a story about a mysterious riddle from atop Mt. Greylock, Jack Frost as a cold and hot lover, snow with bipolar disorder, and many stories involving epic proportions of snow.

The final decision was in no way an easy one, but here are the commended stories, in addition to the big winners:


Katelin Marchand -- Mt. Greylock RHS (10th)
Aaron Kleiner -- Mt. Greylock RHS (8th)
Savannah Byrne -- Pine Cobble School (4th)
Emma Lezberg -- Berkshire Country Day School (9th)
Jesse Cohen -- Mt. Greylock RHS (8th)

2nd RUNNER-UP ($100 prize):

Merrie Benjamin -- Pine Cobble School (4th)

1st RUNNER-UP ($100 prize):

Kelsey Hebert -- Mt. Greylock RHS (11th)


Kendylle Hutton -- Mt. Greylock RHS (9th)

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