Monday, April 8, 2013

GSD to Continue Forecasting Through June

We can't officially put Old Man Winter into hibernation until about May 15th, but the signs indicate that the winter season of 2012-13 is just about over. Phew.

All in all, the GSD staff has given winter of 2012-13 a "satisfactory" rating. We had a few good storms, not too many long dry spells without storms of some kind, and the volume of snow was enough to keep the slopes, hills, and trails covered for a good chunk of the season. And there was plenty of excitement with early releases, delays, and full snow days for all the schools of the region. If our records are correct, the only district in Berkshire County not to get a full snow day this season was Mount Greylock. How about them apples!

It definitely was the season of the two-prong storm, as almost all of our big weather makers required the merger of energy from the Ohio Valley with energy from a coastal low pressure system. With all the moving parts of those storms, it shouldn't have been surprising that we had our fair share of storms that fizzled out.

So, what do we do now? For one, you should enter the GSD Writing Contest if you haven't done so already--still two days to enter!

Also, you should continue to read as we will be giving regular weather updates that will focus on the likelihood of afternoon and evening activities (i.e. practices and games) getting cancelled or postponed because of the weather. And we will offer this service free of charge through the end of the school year. Your welcome, our pleasure.

For this week, Monday (today) and Tuesday look delightful, even though showers will pass through later tonight. No chance of cancellations today, and tomorrow should be fine but windier. After Tuesday, however, things get dicey. Temps will start to go down and we could see showers both Wednesday and Thursday. Friday has the potential to be a complete washout, as our good friends the double-barreled low pressure systems (see paragraph 3, above) revisit our area. We'll keep you updated on the possibilities for heavy rain for Friday. Saturday and Sunday (fingers crossed) should be fine.

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